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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The nose is a very important facial feature which makes a big impact on the beauty of the face. More people feel that the shape of their nose is not apt according to the other facial features of the face and if rightly re-shaped it can increase the beauty of their face significantly. The shape of the nose is different in different ethnic groups. Ethnicity affects the skin thickness, size of the nostrils and strength and shape of the nasal cartilage.

The term ethnic rhinoplasty refers to cosmetic nasal surgery in people of different ethnic groups. It is done either by making incisions inside the nose (closed ethnic rhinoplasty) or by making a small incision in between the nostrils (open ethnic rhinoplasty). For augmentation the patient’s own cartilage is taken from the ear, ribs or nasal septum or synthetic biocompatible materials can be used.

Asians as compared with Caucasians have a shorter, wider, and less projecting nose. Thus Asians ask for augmentation of the nose structures rather than reduction as is usually the case with Caucasians.

African American individuals frequently have a flat nasal bridge with a wide poorly projecting tip. Ethnic rhinoplasty in these patients aims at elevating the dorsum of the nose and improving the projection of the tip.

Hispanic and Mediterranean individuals frequently have a dorsal hump over the nasal bridge with a broad drooping tip. Ethnic rhinoplasty in these patients involves the removal of the hump with a narrowing and elevation of the tip.

Each patient’s facial feature is unique and all have different expectations from the surgery. Thus a computer imaging will be done to explain the changes possible and how you would look with the surgery. You should have realistic expectations from the surgery.  In rare cases infection of the implant or displacement of the implant may occur and will be closely monitored in the follow up after the surgery.

Dr. Mansoor Mirkazemi performs rhinoplasty on individuals of all ethnic backgrounds. He has the required expertise in terms of both skill and experience to provide his patients with optimal results.

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